Our Patented Circ-U-Vac Technology.



Maintanance is a breeze with our patented Cir-u-vac technology, allowing you more time to enjoy your treasures – family and home. Crystal’s circ-u-vac system moves the water down the walls of your pool, pushing the swimming pool water toward the suction device that removes the debris from the pool. Traditional floor systems will push the debris up and into the pool water, suspending the debris in the swimming pool water..

The Circ-u-vac is the only built in cleaning system that also allows the client to have a robot (vac) in the pool. The robot picks up the large debris and deposits into a bag for easy removal.


Increased circulation in the swimming pool, decreases the amount of chemicals needed to keep your Crystal Pool sparkling clean. Heated swimming pools loose heat from the surface. With a Circ-u-vac system in your swimming pool, you reduce heating costs because you are forcing the heated water down to the bottom of the pool which reduces heat loss. The less time your heater runs the less it cost to heat your pool.


The circ-u-vac system has is the best anti-entrapment system on the market. Crystal Pools knows the importance of swimming pool safety. Crystal Pools has dedicated its time and talent to develop patents to help protect your most prized possession, your children.


US Patents : 4,828,626 - 4,907,610 - 5,107,872 - 7,344,639 - 6,419,840B1


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