Oh! What a Deal!   Crystal Pools has an exciting new offer, a complete Shotcrete swimming pool for $35,500.00. This is Crystal Pools “GE...

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Is Salt Still an Alternative for Residential Swimming Pools? February 16th, 2011 If you are a pool owner, of either an above-ground or built-in po...

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Stone, Masonry is it Quality?     One word of advice when it comes to having a stone deck installed: Make sure your contractor shows you ...

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Do you need a pool? And if you answered yes, then how do you know how to buy a pool? How do you find a pool builder? How do you know what to pay for a...

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Are you really safe in your salt pool?Are you really safe swimming in Chlorine?Would you swim in a pool of bottled water? I mean the water you purcha...

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